Why You Should Buy This Book

If you are a hearing sign language interpreter studying for national testing, or a Deaf interpreter preparing for the Certified Deaf Interpreter exam, or simply a working interpreter who would like a
firmer grasp of RID’s Code of Professional Conduct, this book will benefit you.

This book is for you if you...


Comments by Sign Language Interpreters

The CPC Visually is great because the exercises utilize various senses, which reinforces the learning. It’s fun! I love the illustrations – very clear and easy to remember. This is a great tool for anyone preparing for the NIC, ITPs and for working interpreters, both hearing and Deaf.


teacher, mentor and
certified interpreter since 1981
NAD IV and EIPA 4.9

I wish The CPC Visually had been available when I was studying for National Certification! This is an invaluable resource for spatial, linguistic and kinesthetic learners. The clear and concise images with descriptions easily allow the reader to internalize and understand the CPC. Well done!



Contents of the Book

Deaf Doorway seeks to open doors of opportunity for the Deaf around the world. The key themes for our work are:
• Accessibility – Deaf people need access to public information and services via sign language interpreting.
• Acquisition – Deaf people have a human right to acquire and develop proficiency in sign languages.
• Equal Participation – Deaf people need to have equal access to participation in personal, public and political arenas.

Our work is global. We go where we can be useful to the Deaf community to facilitate increasing access, understanding, and levels of engagement.

You can follow the activities of our work by signing up for our monthly newsletter at DeafDoorway.com. The proceeds from the sales of this book, in addition to all donations, are used to offset travel expenses and specific projects as listed on the website.

Our heart reaches out to the 35.5+ million culturally Deaf worldwide who need open doorways. Let’s open the doorway together!

About Eric & Grayce Fleet

Eric and Grayce Fleet produced this workbook for Deaf Doorway, an organization working to support accessibility, language acquisition, and equal participation for Deaf people around the world. Grayce, who is hearing, has been interpreting since 1989 and enjoys teaching a wide range of students from Deaf kids to budding interpreters in other countries. Eric, Deaf since birth, has completed several degrees and serves the Deaf community in numerous capacities, locally, statewide, and internationally. They have 5 children (3 grown and 2 school aged) and live near Nashville, TN.